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 CAD Discussion

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PostSubject: CAD Discussion   Wed Nov 05, 2008 11:19 am

For starters, let's discuss Ethan's accomplishments in the comic thus far (in no particular order):

- Built a robot out of X-Boxes
- Established a gaming holiday
- Became king of said holiday
- Gave up status to save girlfriend, only to get it back by THE PEOPLE
- Established the Church of Gaming
- Became the head priest of said church
- Married a very level-headed girlfriend
- Inherited a video game store

All this coming from a guy who has seven seconds of rational thought per day (source). I MEAN GOOD GOD, I KNOW THE COMIC IS WISH-FULFILLMENT FOR BUCKLEY, BUT WHAT'S NEXT?! ETHAN GETTING A SYMBIOTE?!
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CAD Discussion
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